Our solutions can improve product performance, streamline manufacturing processes and inspire innovation.


Adhesives & Sealants

Our performance additives are used in many chemistries including epoxies, vinylesters, acrylics, polyurethanes and cyanoacrylates.
Air Purification

Air Purification

Activated carbon plays an integral role in purifying the world's air quality, indoors and out.

Chemical Purification & Catalysts

We offer a broad product portfolio of activated carbons and fine cesium chemicals for chemical processing needs.


We provide best-in-class additives that can improve the color, processing, application, strength, thermal properties and safety of your coating system.


Manufacturers of top-tier building composites leverage our additives to deliver the highest level of performance.
Electronics and Energy Storage

Electronics & Energy Storage

Our performance additives and activated carbons are used to store energy, extract efficiency and increase capacity and lifetimes for batteries and more.
applications-flue gas treatment

Flue Gas Treatment

Our products meet the latest emission standards for flue gas from metal smelters, steel mills, industrial boilers, cement kilns and power plants.

Food & Beverage

Our products deliver functionality that ranges from how end products taste and smell to how they pour and are stored.
Industrial Rubber Products

Industrial Rubber Products

Our solutions enable performance requirements ranging from common strength properties to fluid resistance, conductivity, resistivity and more.
Inkjet Technology

Inkjet Technology

We offer innovative inkjet technologies and printing inks for commercial and desktop markets.

Oil, Gas & Mining

We deliver solutions for drilling and completion operations, gold recovery, subsea pipeline and industrial insulation, metal processing and more.
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care

Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care

Our innovative products and additives offer solutions for applications ranging from medicinal tablets to skin and beauty care.
Plastic Applications


We supply specialty carbon blacks, masterbatches and conductive compounds that can deliver a range of performance attributes.
Printing and Packaging

Printing & Packaging

Our high quality pigments and additives provide superb product performance in printing and packaging applications.


We deliver high-performance solutions that can increase tread durability, reduce rolling resistance and improve traction.
Water Purification

Water Purification

We provide activated carbon solutions for simple, pure H2O.
Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

Our activated carbon products effectively remove pollutants, contaminants and other impurities from water, air, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and more.


High-quality particulate silica aerogel enables best-in-class solutions for energy-efficient buildings and industrial infrastructure, safe-to-touch surfaces, personal care products and more.
Rubber Carbon Black

Carbon Blacks for Elastomer Reinforcement

We are the global leader in reinforcing agents for high performance tires and specialized industrial rubber products.

Cesium Formate Brines

Unlock your reservoir's value with high-density, solids-free cesium formate brine that can provide superior well control, operational rig time savings, corrosion protection and long-term productivity.
elastomer composites

Elastomer Composites

Our elastomer composites are a unique class of materials made primarily of natural rubber and reinforcing materials such as carbon black.
Fine Cesium Chemicals

Fine Cesium Chemicals

High-purity cesium chemicals can deliver critical performance and process improvements.

Fumed Metal Oxides

Versatile performance additives, comprised of fumed silicas and fumed aluminas, are used in a range of applications such as adhesives, pharmaceuticals, food and coatings.


We can deliver breakthrough performance with our best-in-class graphene-based products.
Inkjet Colorants

Inkjet Colorants & Inks

Inkjet pigment dispersions are used for desktop and commercial products, as well as custom ink formulations for commercial applications.

Masterbatches & Conductive Compounds

Our diverse range of formulations deliver solutions to meet performance and process requirements across many industries and applications.
Specialty Carbon Blacks

Specialty Carbon Blacks

Our carbon blacks deliver color, conductivity and ultraviolet (UV) protection for specialty applications such as coatings, plastics, toners and printing inks.
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